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Monthly Archives: January 2012

And you thought only modern India was a republic!!!


The independent republic of India was officially born on the 26th January 1950, after 89 years of British rule. However republican values have been home to Indians since 2000 BCE. While the President of India gets a 21- gun-salute on the 26th of January every year, it wouldn’t be unceremonious for the President of India to give an acknowledgement to the spirit of republicanism that existed in ancient India. The republics of Ancient India clearly show that India practiced good old republican values in the form of ‘Gana rajyas’ and the ancient Indian society was a ‘Gana tantra’ at its best.

Why some Gurus perform miracles?


Some gurus perform miracles while other Gurus show their ‘namaskars to chamatkars’? Are miracles the only proof that the Divine exists? Given our heritage of Indian Gurus and their mind-boggling siddhis (powers), here is a little probe on the role of miracles in the realm of faith.

Why is India vegetarian friendly?


Why is India called the home of the vegetarians? Why is the Indian diet predominantly vegetarian though more than two-thirds of India’s population is non-vegetarian? Why is a traditional non-vegetarian in India more dependent on vegetarian food than meat? What could be some reasons for even the corporate India to market vegetarianism?

What does your BINDI say about you?


When an Indian woman decorates her forehead with sindoor or bindi, she is just following a tradition that goes back atleast 5000 years. Wear a bindi or a decorative mark on your forehead and you will never go unnoticed as it is very eye-catching. It is no wonder that bindi has found its way to the international fashion world. In fact the Bindi is one of India’s best recognized symbols in the world. If you wear a bindi what does it say about you? Is it merely a decoration or is there more to it?

Why this “Kolaveri Di” is worrying di?

Kolaveri di1

“White skin-u girl-u girl-u – Girl-u heart-u black-u – Eyes-u eyes-u meet-u meet-u – My future dark”. Yes!!! Kolaveri Di is immensely popular that even here downunder in Auckland we saw a Kolaveri flash mob. Why is this song so popular di? Is Kolaveri something we should be proud of di? Can this song be called an evergreen song di? What is worrying about this song di?

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