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So, what’s unique about Indian “breakfast”?


It is not uncommon for Indians to get asked “So…what do you guys eat for breakfast in India?” I wish the answer was straightforward. India has a diversity platter on almost everything including food. Only those who know about Indian culture really understand that there is no such thing as homogenous Indian food – be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Also there are some natural and time tested principles that make the Indian cuisine unique, including the so called ‘Indian breakfast”.

Why is India vegetarian friendly?


Why is India called the home of the vegetarians? Why is the Indian diet predominantly vegetarian though more than two-thirds of India’s population is non-vegetarian? Why is a traditional non-vegetarian in India more dependent on vegetarian food than meat? What could be some reasons for even the corporate India to market vegetarianism?

How Indian men can make masala CHAI?


Here’s a recipe for Indian men to make their own tea.

Not that Indian men don’t make tea at all, but some do loathe going to the kitchen. Here’s a simple recipe especially for those Indian men.

Why Indian food is not just “CURRY”?

masala dabba

Indian cuisine is probably the most diverse cuisine in the world but sadly the perception is that Indian food is just “curry”. The antiquated heritage of Indian cuisine goes back thousands of years and boasts of an assorted menu of cuisines and not just one cuisine. This includes a whopping 300 ways of cooking a potato. While “Indian food” is synonymous with ‘curry, naan bread and pappadoms’, there is certainly more to it. Today’s era of cultural understanding requires a better awareness of authentic Indian food which is more than just curry!!!

Chai Ho !!! – Is chai the national drink of Indians?


For many who have migrated from India, drinking tea with friends in their favourite nukkad, chowk or tea shop are nostalgic moments. For many tourists and next gen Indians the chai seems to be ‘the’ connection to India. Even on hot summer days, we Indians have learnt the knack to sip the tea with much delight. It has almost become a national habit, apart from watching cricket. It’s a speciality in Mumbai the busy roadside chaiwala has even learnt the art of economising by serving a “cutting” which means tea served in a half-size glass.

What’s so ‘DESI’ about ‘DESI GHEE’?


The fear of fat seems to be driving the humble DESI GHEE from our Indian kitchen. But we have been using ghee for almost 5000 years. So what’s the deal with this ‘DESI GHEE’?

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